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Who am I?

I am LTkrazy a content creator on mainly YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and pretty much every other social media website. I focus mainly on YouTube and creating helpful websites for my fans so they can avoid scammers! On YouTube, I make guides, tips, tutorials, and sometimes even do fun challenges. Currently, our main game is Toilet Tower Defense, but as the game dies out, we will likely move onto the next big Roblox game.

How often do I update the site?

I update this website on a pretty much daily basis. This allows me to make this site the most accurate value website for certain Roblox games. This allows you guys to have great trades and make profit all while avoiding annoying scammers! Their are some days of course though were I may not be able to reach the website. I would join my discord so you can stay updated with what I’m up too! Check out the link on the bottom of the page!

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