Titan Speakerman

All Trade Values

Gem value – (<50)

Demand – Medium

Stability – Unstable

How to get the Titan Speakerman?

The Titan Speakerman is a legendary unit that can be summoned with a 1%- 4% chance for 100 coins. This unit is very hard to get and that is why it is worth so much! If you can’t summon it yourself, I recommend join a trading server or join my discord to find people to trade with. Click the button on the bottom of the screen for an invite!

What is Gem Value?

  • GEM VALUE – This value is the amount the Unit is worth when it comes to using the in game currency (diamonds / gems). You can also factor the gem value of other pets into trades. So lets say you are trading a Mythic Unit worth 500 gems and you have 100 gems, your trade is worth 600 Gems.

Is your Unit Signed???

If your unit has been signed by a YouTuber or Dev of the game, the value will increase. This also can depend on who signed it. Popular YouTubers and Devs will increase the value a lot, whereas smaller unknown people won’t affect the value very much. 

What is Demand?

  • Low Demand – This means the unit will be very hard to sell because not many people are looking to buy this unit. 
  • Medium Demand – This means that many people are looking for this unit and it should not be very hard to sell. 
  • High Demand – This means the unit will sell very quickly because literally everyone playing this game wants this unit.

What is Stability?

  • Stable – This means the units value will not really change in the upcoming days. It is also safe to say that this is a safe trade.
  • Unstable – This means the units value will likely change within the upcoming days. It is also hard to say if this will be a good trade as you might lose or gain lots of value.

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