Titanic Blue Balloon Cat

Gem Values

Normal – 8.3T

Gold – N/A

Rainbow – 22T

Shiny? – 2.5x base value

Demand – Very High

How to get the Titanic Blue Balloon Cat?

The Titanic Blue Balloon Cat can be bought from the Big Games website on the merch page. It costs $250 and is now sold out! Your best bet now is trading other players for this pet in the trading plaza or join my discord to ask someone if they have one. Click the join now button at the bottom of the screen to join.

What is Gem Value?

  • GEM VALUE – This value is the amount the pet is worth when it comes to using the in game currency (diamonds / gems). You can also factor the gem value of other pets into trades. So lets say you are trading a Huge pet worth 10B gems and you have 5B gems, your trade is worth 15B Gems.

Is your pet Shiny???

If your pet has the shiny status, use the values listed at the top of this page and multiply it by 2.5x. Why do we use this logic? Well the pet is 2.5x stronger then the base pet, whether that be normal, gold, rainbow, or dark matter. So for example if the pet is gold and worth 10m gems, do 10m x 2.5 = 25m gems. So the shiny value would be worth 25m gems.

What is Demand?

  • Low Demand – This means the pet will be very hard to sell because not many people are looking to buy this pet. 
  • Medium Demand – This means that many people are looking for this pet and it should not be very hard to sell. 
  • High Demand – This means the pet will sell very quickly because literally everyone playing this game wants this pet.

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